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    Bluetooth Controler
    Support BLE5.0 specification, low power 2.4g transceiver, rate of 2Mbps. Low power consumption 32-bit CPU, built-in 500KB Flash, 64KB SRAM memory, and provide rich peripheral resources. Support the OTA.

    - BLE 5.0
    - 32-bit microprocessor, frequency 64MHz 
    - 512k Flash, 64k RAM 
    - Power Consumption: 5.2mA receive, 5mA transmit (-dBm)
    - Transmit frequency: -20~+4dBm
    - Sensitivity: -96dBm 
    - Operating voltage: 2.0V~3.6V, TYP: 3V
    - Operating Temperature: -40℃~85℃
    - Package: QFN32
      Interface and Peripherals: 
    - 2xUARTs                
    - SPI
    - 4xPWWM
      Reusable GPIOs

    New generation of State Grid meter (meter calibration is not supported), Circuit breaker and Power Internet of things.
    Device family

    Transmission distance > 10m 
    Size: 10x 14.5x 2.2mm 
    Support protocol: DL/T 698, DL/T 645, standard AT
    Operating voltage: 3.3V
    Up to 17 GPIOs interface 
    Support 2 Hosts and 3 Slaves, secondary development