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    AFE Metering Chips
    Support various of detection for Grid events and single-phase metering AFE. Main Power: 3.3V power supply, voltage input range 2.52~3.63V Low-power Design: Normal operation is around 2.6mA Current Input: Current shunt resistor, CT, Rogowski Coil 3 independent oversampling ∑-? ADC.

    Support various of Grid events detection such as over-voltage, over-current under-voltage, under-current, voltage swell or.

    Support waveforms buffer and real time transmitted by DMA (Direct Memory Access) .

    Support the active-upload energy accumulative via UART.

    Metering bandplan configurable 0.4K~6.4Khz. 

    Multifunctional single and three-phase meter, High-end three-phase  meter, Circuit breaker (rapid detection function of current RMS).
    Device family

    Package: SSOP(M)24 (V9381),SOP(M)16 (V9360)