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    Low-power Multifunctional Energy Metering SoC
    V99XX is a high performance, low-power single-phase metering SoC chips which is gathered in AFE, energy metering architecture, enhanced 8052 MCU core, RTC, EDT, Flash, SRAM and LCD driver. It integrates accumulative frequency, current RMS, low metering, DC metering, rapidly detection which is commonly used to the single-phase multi-functional for energy meter applications.

    3.3V or 5V power supply, wideband voltage input range 2.5V~5.5V. 
    Low-power Design 
    -  Full operation mode: 3.9mA, operating current range: 2.8mA~4.2mA
    -  Sleep mode (Data retention in RAM): 6.8mA, operating current range: 4.5uA~8.6uA 
    -  Sleep mode (Data non-retention in RAM): 4.5uA, operating current range: 3.5uA~6.0uA
    Support anti-theft application 

    4 independent oversampling ∑-? ADCs: one voltage, one current, and various measurement channels. 

    MCU and Peripherals: 

    -  High performance 8-bit 8052 MCU core, with programmable operation 

    -  Calculative ability up to 26MHz, 6.5mips 

    -  Up to 2 comparators, and support comparators output interrupt 

    -  128KB Flash memory with writing protection and encryption, and support ISP and IAP

    -  8KB extended SRAM memory 

    -  High performance RTC, independent power supply, and support temperature compensation, real time pulse calibration, less than 5ppm error within temperature range

    Electric energy meter, Intelligent circuit breaker, Smart home, Indian electric energy meter, Charging pile, and also support DC metering such as Forehead thermometer.
    Device family