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    Overseas single phase metering SoC
    The highly integrated 32-bit MCU series is suitable for multi-functional, low-power Internet of Things applications. It integrates cortex-M0 core, 256KB FLASH, 32KB SRAM, UART/SPI/I2C interface, LCD, WDT, RTC and Electric energy metering module. The V94XX series supports multiple low-power working modes and independent RTC power supply.

    Feature-rich: 32-bit Cortex-M0 Core, rich peripheral interfaces, to meet overseas high-end smart meter needs;  
    Powerful performance: S-class power quality analysis, waveform caching and waveform DMA transmission;  
    The series of products, hardware compatible with each other, software compatible with the master MCU.

    Multifunctional single-phase meter, Overseas intelligent meter, Photovoltaic guide meter, Intelligent circuit breaker,  Charging pile, etc.
    Device family