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    High-end MPU
    Four Cortex A7+M33 High-speed Calculation and Data Treatment 4-Cortex MPU/DSP/ FPU 32KB I/D Cache; 512KB L2 Cache Embedded 128KB SRAM Support DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR2/DDR2/MDDR, the maximum memory 8GB Support 2x eMMC, the maximum memory 1.2GHz Internal clock maximum memory 1.2GHz Embedded 128-bit DDR specified bus Configured specified bus access priority M33 internal cortex treating system - Semaphore/ IPC mechanism, to reach cortex communication - M33 SRAM 128KB, A7/ M33 shared SRAM 32KB

    Safety/ Reliability
      Internal cortex supports TrustZone security mechanism
      Embedded AES/HASH security algorithm
      Support TRNG
      Authorized security access
      Various of security enable mode
      Security information storage
      Independent Watch Dog Timer (WDT) clock
      Temperature sensor detection
      ECC debug

    Industrial equipment gateway, Concentrator, Industrial man-machine interface, Printer / Scanner, E-reader, etc.
    Device family