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    32-Bit MCU
    32-bit Cortex-M0 with maximum 26.2144MHz operation speed.

       Operating Voltage
    -  2.2V~5.5V (V8500/V8530/V8531/V8510/V85x3P)
    -  2.2V~3.6V (V8520)
       Operating Current
    -  Normal mode: 1.63mA @6.5MHz 
    -  Idle mode: 0.376 mA @6.5MHz
    -  Sleep mode (LCD enable): 9.3uA(V85xx)/ 12uA(V85x3P)
    -  Sleep mode (LCD disable): 3.1uA (V85xx)/5.6uA(V85x3P)
    -  RTC only mode:1.3uA 
       Up to 6 UARTs with parity check 
    -  16-bit ∑-? ADC (V85X3P)
    -  12-bit SAR ADC (V85X3P)
    -  Support up to 8 ADCs input
    -  Embedded 32KHz and 6.5MHz RC clock
    -  Support standalone RTC battery input 
       Support 1ppm RTC auto-calibration under all modes 

      Single and three-phase smart meters, Wireless communication modules, Smart homes, White goods and other low-power applications.
    Device family