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    V3142/V3163 series are high-performance dual/triple-channel digital isolators with precise timing characteristics and low-power consumption. The V3142/V3163 can provide high electromagnetic immunity and low emissions while isolating CMOS digital I/Os. All device versions have Schmitt trigger input for high noise immunity. Each isolation channel consists of a transmitter and a receiver separated by silicon dioxide (SiO2) insulation barrier.

    Signal Rate: DC to 150Mbps. 
    Wide Operating Supply Voltage: 2.5V~5.5V 
    Wide Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to 125℃
    No Start0Up Initialization Required 
    Default Output High and Low Options 
    High Electromagnetic Immunity 
    High CMTI: ±100kV/us (Typical)
    Low Power Consumption: 
    -  1.5mA per Channel at 1Mbps with 5V Supply 
    -   6.6mA per Channel at 100Mbps with 5V Supply 
    Precise Timing (Typical)
    -  8ns Propagation Delay 
    -  1ns Pulse Width Distortion 
    -  2ns Propagation Delay Offset 
    -  5ns Minimum Pulse Width 
    Up to 5kVrms isolation voltage 
    Isolation Barrier Life: >40 years 
    Schmitt Triger Inputs 
    -  SOIC-8, SOIC16-WB (V3142)
    -  SOIC16-NB, SOIC16-WB (V3163)

    Industrial automation , Motor control ,Medical electronics , Isolator Power Supply , Solar inverter , Isolated ADC, DAC.
    Device family