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    Multiple Standards Narrowband PLC
    V63xx is a Narrowband Power Line Communication (PLC) Processor chip. The V63xx integrates a 32-bit MCU, a 32-bit DSP, two UARTs interface, one SPI Master Controller, one SPI Slave interface, one I2C Master interface, PLC MAC/PHY layer functions and AFE. The Narrowband V63xx PLC chips integrates AMI network in Smart Grid installations. Together with Line Driver chip (V6000) of high current which innovated by Vango's. it forms a complete modem solution to support Narrowband PLC Standards.

       Support bandplan: CENELEC, FCC and G3M
    -  9KHz~2MHz (V6306); 9KHz~500 KHz (V6310); 500KHz~2MHz (V6320)
       Support HW AES-128
       Support 2x UART interfaces (UART0 and UART1)
    -  UART1 is a high-speed UART which support up to 500Kbps baud rate 
    -  UART0 supports up to 115200bps baud rate 

    Electric energy meter,Centralized collection terminal, Street lamp intelligent control, Smart home, etc.
    Device family

    Package: QFN 68  
    Operating Temperature: -40℃~85℃