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    Compatible with G3, State Grid/ Southern Grid Wideband PLC Chips
    Support bandplan: G3-PLC, PRIME, G3-CENELEC A, G3M, State Grid/ Southern Grid HPLC, and the total band width is 40KHz~12MHz. Integrate Ethernet RMII interface, support high-speed bus interface. Support three-phase zero-crossing detection to provide accurately phase identification Integrate 3x DMA Up to 32 GPIOs

       2MB Flash, 512KB SRAM, and the external SDRAM 
       Line Driver can collocate with HPLC products 
       PHY layer adopts DSP to increase frequency, MAC layer adopts SoC architecture to easily maintenance. 
       Support up to 256/512/1024/2048 FFT points/ IFFT accelerator 
       Support AES-128192/256 
       Analog module
    -  12-bit ADC which possessed 25MSPS
    -  12-bit DAC which possessed 25MSPS 
    -  Package: LQFP128/ QFN86
       Improve successful rate of data receive: 
    -  Design and improve Notch filter to enhance location accuracy
    -  Remove 2 interference frequency 
    -  Optimize Preamble detection to adopt the exclusive detection to reach the purpose of Robust detection. 
       Greatly improve the calculation of signal physical layer

    Overseas high-end smart meter, Smart terminal, Street lamp intelligent control, Smart home, Photovoltaic power generation, etc.
    Device family